At Lea Wood Trails and Tails our Doggy Daycare encorporates Training with Play - so your pup/dog can be learning without even realising it.

Doggy Daycare starts at 7am to 7pm for a full day or any 6 hours between 7am and 7pm for a half day.  

After registration all pups/dogs will have the first walk of the day - any toys brought in for the day or food will be put in each pups/dogs own box - presently due to Covid-19 we are only allowing essential items in.  Any food brought in that requires refridgeration you must let the Lea Wood Trails and Tails team know beforehand. Any dog that requires feeding during the day is fed separately away from the other pups/dogs.

Our learning through Play itinerary includes activities such as Tunnel chasing, swimming (providing the weather is kind), Hunting out scents and trying out the obstacle course. However, if you have a pup/dog that maybe pulls on the lead or refuses to walk to heel - let the team know and we can work on any issues that may be making walking with your pup/dog difficult. Older dogs who may have walking difficulties we will work with doing gentle exercises - breaking up the walk into bite size and easily manageable time slots or adapting play. Each pup/dog will follow a carefully planned timetable so that each pup/dog will have a minimum of four walks during a full day - with rest periods in between in our purpose-built rooms. 

In addition to our residential daycare we now have Lea Wood Trails and Tails Dog Lodge which incorporates 2 huge size rooms in the field with more room space and great vistas across the paddock - still including leather sofas with rugs and tv.

Each dog/pup will have their own basket/sofa to have a crafty snooze in during the day too - if they want. It is our intention at Lea Wood Trails and Tails to put the fun into your pups/dogs day so that they keep coming back.

All pups/dogs attending Doggy Daycare will be need to come in for an assessment beforehand. 


They will need to be fully vaccinated prior to their assessment and have proof of this.  Regretfully Lea Wood Trails and Tails cannot accept any pup/dog who has not been fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to their assessment.  This is to ensure that all those accepted for Doggy Daycare are able to be easily socialised with other pup/dogs attending Daycare and there is no aggressive behaviour exhibited.  So that dogs can be socialised safely we would recommend that owners spey/neuter when recommended by their Vet.

Once the assessment has taken place and pup/dog has been accepted then Client and Veterinary Forms are completed and a detailed iteniary made of all your pups/dogs requirements for the day or half day.



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